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Due to overwhelming demand, the live event “Secrets of Lean Leadership” is now sold out. However, you can still catch Sensei Hyodo’s main speech, “TPS Lean Leadership and Management Standard Work“, in a 1 hour and 30 minutes Live Streaming online session. Don’t miss this opportunity — register for the online event now. Click here.

Sensei Hyodo in PEI

Want to meet the Sensei in person? You still have a chance. Register for a 2-day Lean Leadership Masterclass with lean Sensei Mr. Hyodo being held in PEI on May 28th and 29th.

Click here to learn more about this great opportunity.

Live Event in Nova Scotia (Sold Out)

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to learn from the Lean Sensei Akinori Hyodo, a master of Lean principles, at Eden Valley Poultry on May 31. The day includes in-depth presentations on TPS Lean Leadership, hands-on Gemba walk, and discussions on sustaining a continuous improvement culture. Secure your place now and witness Lean management in action!

The Live Event is SOLD OUT. Click here to join the Live Streaming shorter version of the event.

Champion of Continuous Improvement Cultures

Sensei Hyodo, whose career at Toyota began at a young age, rose through the ranks to oversee the Toyota HiAce factory as a factory manager and director. His profound expertise in the Toyota Production System (TPS) equips him to effectively mentor corporate leaders in fostering environments where continuous improvement thrives.

Throughout his career, Mr. Hyodo’s approach to challenges and leadership was shaped by his hands-on experiences during the nascent stages of TPS’s implementation at Toyota. He learned to navigate his roles without the formal TPS training that later became standard, cultivating a keen ability to observe, analyze, and solve problems directly at their source.

His leadership tenure at the TPS Promotion Team further solidified his commitment to the principles of Lean Manufacturing. Hyodo dedicated himself to promoting standard work and systematic problem-solving across the organization, demonstrating the critical importance of these practices in achieving operational excellence.

Hyodo advocates for leaders to engage deeply with their work environments, emphasizing that true improvement requires a fundamental grasp of operations combined with the agility to enact swift, informed decisions. His guidance is invaluable for organizations striving to instill a robust culture of continuous improvement, ensuring that this mindset permeates every level of the company.


9:30: Welcome and networking

10:00: Gemba observations

11:00: Gemba with IOE and the Sensei

12:00: Lunch and light discussion

12:30: Presentation: TPS Lean Leadership and Management Standard Work

2:00: Sustaining a CI Culture Everyday

3:30: Q&A

4:00: Lean Tour at EVP

5:00: Closing

Download your brochure for the Live Event. Click here.

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