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  • Skills Pass Portal: access nearly 800 online Micro Credentials and online trainings at no cost: Health & Safety, Leadership, DEI, Project Management, Lean and Six Sigma. Register now. Click here.
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  • RPM-Academy Portal: your subscription is free. You will also have free access to online training samples. IOE Members has a 30% discount subscription to access all the trainings and certificates in Lean, Six Sigma, Agile Project Management, Machine Learning, AI and much more. Register now. Click here.
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  • Gemba Academy: If you are looking in to training and certification in with virtual coaching for tailor made projects in your company, you can benefit from the discount that Gemba Academy offers for IOE Members. Tell us that you want more information about Gemba trainings and certifications. Get more information now. Click here.
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  • Cybersecurity: Field Effect is offering to IOE Members a free Cybersecurity Assessment called ASR (Attack Surface Report). Request your free ASR assessment now. Click here. Don’t forget to select ‘I want to request a Free ASR’ message subject.
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  • Digital Transformation: Agyle Intelligence is offering two great benefits to IOE Members. It is the opportunity to have digitized data and start a Digital Transformation in your company. 1) Free Assessments: CSCIA (Current State Continuous Improvement Analysis) and Remote-Based DTA (Digital Transformation Analysis). 2) ‘Begin’ Plan Free for all IOE Members. Get more information now. Click here.
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