IOE offers specialized training designed to enhance members’ mastery in Operational Excellence. Completing bite-sized modules leads to an assessment and the award of a Micro Credential badge. Alternatively, members can enroll in a comprehensive program preparing them for an assessment to earn an Accredited Certificate.

Learning Centre

IOE Trainings

In the Learning Centre, you will have access to hundreds of training videos.

Bite-sized learning: Identify employees ready for advancement and assign targeted learning tasks, one skill at a time. There’s no need to cover all Six Sigma methodologies before seeing results. Consider having someone learn ‘Process Maps’ through our lessons and apply this knowledge directly to their work.

Structured Lean and Six Sigma Progression: Meticulously developed to transition your staff through each level of Lean and Six Sigma expertise, beginning with White Belt and culminating in Master Black Belt certification

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Certificates & Micro Credentials

IOE Trainings

Recognize your team progressing towards Operational Excellence agents with Bagdes and International Certificates.

Micro Credentials: when your team members successfully finishes an assessment at the end of Bite-sized learning modules, they are awarded with a Micro Credential badge — a symbol of their achievement and a reason for pride.

Internationally Accredited Recognition: as team members reach the pivotal points in their Lean and Six Sigma training, acknowledge their dedication with globally accredited certificates. Commemorate these achievements and maintain momentum towards Operational Excellence!

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IOE Training Videos