Protect What Matters to Your Business

At IOE, we understand how hard is for you to spend so many hours in Continuous Improvement, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics, AI implementing breakthrough technologies to stay ahead of your competition. So, we partnered with a top of the class Cybersecurity provider to help you to protect what cost you so many hours and dollars to achieve.

As a courtesy to IOE Members, Field Effect is offering an ASR (Attack Surface Report) to assess the vulnerabilities in your organization. Request your free assessment. Learn more here.

Field Effect is revolutionizing the industry by bringing advanced cybersecurity solutions and services to businesses of all sizes.


About Field Effect

Field Effect offers a new approach to cybersecurity with a holistic and simple solution. Combining world-class technology that is purpose-built for SMEs with proven processes and an expert-led 24/7 SOC (security operations center), Field Effect helps you intuitively prevent, detect, and respond to threats across your environment, so you to focus on what matters most.

Manage Risk

Minimize your risk exposure by identifying, measuring, and prioritizing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations for remediation within your environment.

Detect sophisticated threats

Detect known threats and malicious and suspicious activity in real-time, including threats from within your organization.

Respond to threats with confidence

While active threats are isolated from your network on your behalf, you can confidently eliminate attacks with step-by-step instructions and 24/7 in-context support.

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